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Using this platform, Aspiring Medical Coders can assess themselves, Upgrade their skill and competency, & integrate with better health information management systems.
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Apply for CodersGrade® Accreditation (CGA) and show your customers your proficient levels confidently, honestly with integrity. Medical Coding, Billing Jobs Updates and Networking.Get 50-200% More Salary – Take the Challenge.


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We have the Assessed Grade Value equivalent of a medical coder’s skill and intelligence derived by using certain data sets and authenticates information. The is a system and algorithm based process to provide a three digit numerical number associated with a Grade to provide an impression of the Coders skill and ability integrated with intelligence and coding skills.

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Medical Coders

CG Grading is based on Scientifically & Mathematically Developed Medical Coding Skill Grading System by Hinfoma and Medesun Global which has different attributes and parameters to give you a grade on a predefined and proven algorithm to show the most accurate and authentic grade as an outcome of the skill and knowledge you have at the time of assessment.


CodersGrade® is one of the leading and proven Proficiency Assessment Platform (PAP) for Medical Coders to assess their skill and knowledge on Medical Coding on a defined, innovated and integrated Grading System developed Scientifically & Mathematically basis long research on Skill Assessment and Enhancement Methodologies. The primary goal of a proficiency-based grading system is to produce grades that more accurately reflect a student’s learning progress and achievement. The grade provided is solely to assist you in improving your decision making and exercising your own best judgement.

CodersGrade® is a leading, agile, most experienced and innovative global grading company driven by its mission of providing best medical coders to the healthcare industry and make function better. Our analyses, insights and Grading help medical coders, employers, hospitals, and insurance companies make sound decisions. We help Medical Coders to enhance their knowledge, and skills. We not only Grade the medical coders, but also assist them to improve their skills and coding standards. CG Ratings are recognized for being a knowledge-based company and provides near real time research on medical coding domain.

9 +
120 +
835 +
9,845 +

CodersGrade is a grading of Medical Coder Skills.

Primary goals of a proficiency-based grading system is to produce grades that more accurately reflect a student’s learning progress and achievement, provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment

Validate your expertise and get the leverage you need to move up in your Medical Coding career.


In a market saturated with companies vying for customers, CG Accreditation gives employers confidence that they’re dealing with an ethical and vetted coders

Apply for CG Accreditation and show customers your proficient levels honestly and with integrity.

Grading Is depends up on

  • Relevant Education
  • Certification’s verifications
  • Communication skills
  • Computer skills
  • Medical terminology
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Industry Updated Knowledge check
  • Medical coding exam conducted by Coders Grade
  • One to one VIVA with coders
  • Background Verification of previous work experience
  • Problem solving skills
  • Police Database check
  • FASIC-Leve-III Check
  • Criminal Check ( E Court )

Score of 1-1000
Grades A+, A, B+, B

A+ 900-1000 pts.
Exceeds Proficiency
The Coder has exceeded the mastery of the skill-Demonstrated Mastery of the skill
A 800-899 pts.
The Coder has proficient mastery of the skill, has met the standards
B+ 800-899 pts.
The Coder has proficient mastery of the skill, has met the standards
B 600-699 pts.

does not verify the accuracy of information provided by third parties, and does not guarantee the accuracy of any information


medical Coders are under no obligation to seek CodersGrade


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